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Streetskins - Windows of Opportunity | Steel Shutter Advertising

The Product

Streetskins was founded as a company after researching more effective methods to display advertising on steel shutter doors than to print directly onto the uneven surface.

Streetskins custom designs each advertisement to exactly fit the shutter door, completely hiding the door from view and providing a flush, bespoke graffiti-proof canvas on which to place your advertisement.

Each sign is printed with a 720 x 1440 dpi resolution, ensuring that the best possible image is displayed to your target audience.

The ‘skin’ or advertising canvas is made from a PVC flame retardant material which is impossible to tear, and easy to clean off any graffiti. Streetskins is responsible for maintaining and ensuring that advertisement is free of any graffiti and not vandalised in any way.

The Streetskins advertising unit is installed above the steel shutter.

The unit has a spring mechanism which is constantly under tension and this rolls the ‘skin’ up automatically as the shutter is lifted.

This unit can be installed on any style of shutter and is fully compatible with manual and automatic shutter units. There is also a built-in lighting unit that turns on automatically as light levels drop.

The bottom of the ‘skin’ is attached to the bottom of the steel shutter, this is the only place where the ‘skin’ is attached to the shutter.

The ‘skin’ lies in front of the steel shutter, hiding the shutter completely from view.

Side channels are fitted on the outside of the steel shutter, the ‘skin’ travels down these channels when the shutter is closed.

These channels help prevent vandalism as you can’t grip or see the edges to try and rip or tear the ‘skin’.

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