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Streetskins - Windows of Opportunity | Steel Shutter Advertising

About Streetskins

Streetskins is an outdoor media company which specialises in the sale of outdoor advertising space on the exterior of high street shops to advertisers during the hours the shop is closed.

For example, if a shop is open from 9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday and from 9am to 1pm on a Saturday, 57% of the population which pass that premises do so when the shop is closed. Streetskins strive to obtain sites with the maximum exposure for our clients; all our premises can guarantee to capture between 30% and 60% of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Why Streetskins?

1: Unique

To understand the uniqueness of the Streetskins product it is essential to compare the existing forms of outdoor media (6-sheet and 48-sheet) and how they are positioned. 48-sheet media types are more focused towards vehicle traffic as the media is usually above eye level on the road side, it contains little information and is required to be more impactful as the potential consumer is only engaged with the media for a second or two. 6-sheet advertising is positioned to target pedestrian and vehicular traffic as the advertisements are smaller, at eye level, and the proximity is closer to the potential consumer.

Streetskins is a product which draws on the advantages of both 48-sheet and 6-sheet media formats. The size of the media has all the advantages of 48-sheet media, but the eye level nature also allows for information that was previously displayed on 6-sheet media, now to be displayed on a larger media form.

2: Campaigns tailored to the clients needs

The frequency/impact of advertisements depends on each client�s specific needs. For example:

There are a number of combinations available to suit the outdoor advertising requirements of our client�s campaigns. If a client would like a certain geographical region to be covered we can work closely with client to deliver their desired solution.

3: Choose your location/Lead times

Should you wish to advertise in a specific location where we do not yet own the shop front site, we will go and get it for you. This also means that the lead times to wait for a suitably located site are reduced as we are likely to be able to source you a shop-front in the location that you want/need.

Areas where Streetskins could add value:
Where estate agents who do not have a branch presence in a particular area, Streetskins would be able to provide “additional shop frontage” where properties can be advertised on a weekly basis.
Due to the largely out-of-hours nature of Streetskins, it would be ideal for point of sale advertising by directing consumers to bars or restaurants in the area.
Alcohol advertising would also gain maximum exposure from Streetskins’ predominantly after hours nature.

4: Strategic Targeting

Clients have the ability to target a certain segment of the market which is primarily active in the mornings and evenings i.e. those commuting from work. The media is easily interchangeable so clients can prepare teaser campaigns over a period of time.

Depicted by A & B in the graph below, there is huge room for targeting specific markets based on the frame of mind of the consumer. Travelling to a recreational occasion is the largest reason for travel after 17:30. The graph also shows that there is significant traffic before 9:30am when most retailers open and 6:00pm when they close.

5: Affordable

Why should you be forced to pay for 24 hour outdoor media when you only want to target certain customers at specific times of the day?

6: Highlighted

All Streetskins advertising units now come with built-in lighting units that come on automatically in the evening.

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